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Services offered

  • Kitchen sink smells cleansed
  • Shower, basin and bath waste and traps cleared
  • Dishwasher and washing machine smells cleansed
  •  External sewers jet washed and unblocked
  • Stop cocks and services taps repaired or replaced
  • Toilet inlet fill valves repaired or replaced
  • Toilet flush valves or siphons repaired or replaced
  • Leaking Taps repaired and/or washers replaced
  • Leaking pipes repaired or replaced
  • Unvented cylinders serviced/repaired
  • Kitchen sink smells cleansed

Ever wondered why, having scrubbed, bleached, sanitised, washed and otherwise cleaned your kitchen sink, there is still a nasty horrible smell coming from the drain and pipes?

Well, we have the answer and with the guarantee that if we don't get rid of the smell you pay no money, why not give us a call to see what we can do?

What have you got to loose but the smell?

  • Shower, basin and bath waste and traps cleared

When was the last time you cleared out all the build up of matted hair and soap products from your bath, shower or basin?

Overtime the flow can become restricted leading to poor drainage, causing the drain to become more easily clogged - the worse it gets the quicker it blocks.

A quick and simple removal of the trap to inspect and clean out can save you a costly emergency call out if, all of a sudden, it stops flowing all together.

Call us now and for minimal cost we can do an inspection of all the traps in your house, for your peace of mind.