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Costs and charges

Loyal Customers please read


In order to be fair and give added value to our repeat customers we are introducing the following offer;


If you use our services more than once you will get a discounted

1st Half hour charge of only £40 (normal hours), instead of £45! 

(and still get, free call out and free diagnosis)

Free call out.



Free advice and diagnosis over the phone


I can give a diagnos and advice about your issues when you phone me. That enables me to give you an accurate estimate of how long a job will take and its costs, complete with costs for parts etc. You can then be assured roughly, how much the complete job will be before I even get there giving you peace of mind. 


Chargable services


For any work undertaken during normal business hours - £45 for first half an hour £35 per half hour after that


For work started after 6.00pm weekdays and on Saturdays - £55 for first half an hour and £45 per half hour after that


  • Time estimates (and costs) given before work commences



  • Full Public Liability Insurance carried (£2,000,000)


  • No quibble guarantee


Typical guidelines to times for minor works


Repair a tap -

fit new cartridge (ceramic disc) 10-15mins 

fit new washer (compression tap) 10-15mins


Replace a tap -   (per mono block or pair pillar) 30-45mins


Replace a radiator - (upstairs) 1 - 2 hours. (downstairs) 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours


Replace a trap - 15 - 30 mins


Replace a stop cock - 30 - 60 mins


Replace a gate valve (22mm cold water down service to hot water cylinder) 30 - 60 mins


Replace a 1/4 turn sevice valve 10 - 20 mins


Replace a vented hot water cylinder - 1 day (priced on day rate not hourly rate)


Replace a cold water storage tank - 1/2 day


Repair a thermostatic radiator valve (head inop) 10 mins


Replace a thermostatic radiator valve body or valve 1 - 2 1/2 hours (depending on upstairs/downstairs location).

Remove and replace a hot water immersion heater 1 - 1 1/2 Hours